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Since the founding of our staffing agency, we have specialized in recruiting qualified personnel for leading positions in the Audio- and Video industries. These include:

  • PRO-Audio - studio equipment, sound-systems, and reinforcement
  • Electronic Media - beamers, digital signage, videoconferencing-systems, LED-walls
  • System-Integration - broadcast, conference room equipment, CCTV, broadband
  • Event Technology - Rental and AV-related IT/network technology

2 Fachplaner

Job-No.: 2096


2 Projektleiter

Job-No.: 2095

Berlin/München - ggf. home office

Bauleiter AV-Technik

Job-No.: 2094

Berlin - evtl. home office

Projektleiter PRO Audiotechnik

Job-No.: 2092

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